How can I prevent plaque and gum disease?

How is your daily tooth brushing regime? Do you floss daily, weekly or ever? The way you care for your teeth has lasting implications on your overall health. With improper brushing, the bacteria in your mouth accumulate on your teeth. Over time, this layer of bacteria forms a white, sticky substance at the gum line called plaque. At Capitaland Dental Associates in Latham, NY we know that if the plaque is not removed, gum disease is inevitable which can lead to problems including tooth loss.

Some people believe that missing teeth are not a problem if they can eat normally. However missing teeth can greatly impact the rest of the mouth. Even with the loss of only one tooth, the support structure of the mouth is affected. Pressure and load forces during biting and chewing have to be redistributed to other teeth. Without the support of a missing tooth, the surrounding teeth start moving into the space that is left. These changes may harm your remaining teeth and lead to further tooth loss.

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